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I photograph waterfalls, mountains, flowers, birds, barns, geysers, bears, foxes, wild turkeys, and all kinds of wildlife.
Bison Against Yellowstone LandscapeA shimmery sunrise on Colter Bay!Bear in a Pine Tree Grand Tetons National ParkThe StragglerGrand Teton National ParkBear Napping in Pine TreeBlack Bear Sneak Yellowstone National ParkElk and Calf Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park Osprey NestBlack Bear and Cub Yellowstone National ParkBears at Bench Grand Tetons National ParkGushing Waterfall YellowstoneBison and Red Dog WalkingYellowstone National Park Lower FallsCool Breeze BisonGeyser Basin by Old FaithfulWaterfall beside the TrailBison Path through Boiling Hot GeysersGrand Tetons Jackson Lake Colter BayCalling From the Heart

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Keywords:Autumn, Badlands, Bears, Bee, Bird, Bison, Canyon, Cardinal, Daisy, Deer, Elk, Fall, Fawn, Formations, Fox, Geyser, Hawk, Lake, Landscapes, Mountain, Osprey, River, Rock, Snow, Squirrel, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Yellowstone