I photograph waterfalls, mountains, flowers, birds, barns, geysers, bears, foxes, wild turkeys, and all kinds of wildlife.
Geyser Basin by Old FaithfulWaterfall beside the TrailWild Turkeys in the SnowBlack Bear Sneak Yellowstone National ParkBlack Bear and Cub Yellowstone National ParkBison and Red Dog WalkingDaisy Deer FawnGushing Waterfall YellowstoneYellowstone National Park Osprey NestYellowstone National Park Lower FallsYawning FoxYellowstone National Park Waterfall MistBison Path through Boiling Hot GeysersSnowy Cardinal on IceAbandoned Mining EquipmentLooking Through Monument RocksStorm at Natural WonderCountry Eagle on WoodCool Breeze BisonBison on the Prairie Ridge

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