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I keep my camera with me when I'm hiking in the woods. I never know when I might see wild turkeys, armadillos, squirrels, a fawn, a fox, opossums, or chipmunks.
WT DeerWhite-tailed Deer at the ThicketBuck in the GrassSugar Creek HorseYawning FoxDeer Fawn DaisyFox Ears on PointDeer FawnMidnight OpossumArmadillo EncounterGlowing SquirrelWild Turkeys in the SnowGolden-Mantled Ground Squirrel in the WoodsFox NapGolden-Mantled Ground Squirrel on a LogArmadillo on the MoveSly FoxArmadillo RootingDeer in ColoradoArmadillo Armor

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