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Yellowstone National Park is full of geysers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, trees, rivers, and Old Faithful. It's a photographer's wonderland.
Colorful Grand Prismatic Springs OverlookFirehole River FallsOld Glory over Yellowstone National ParkOld Faithfull Billows at DuskAspen Trees Grand Tetons National ParkWaterfall Cliffs Yellowstone National ParkPond ReflectionsYellowstone National Park Mountain PinesYNP Rainbow over the WaterfallLamar ValleyFirehole River Waterfall YellowstoneYellowstone LakeTower FallsLike a MirrorYellowstone National Park Waterfall MistReflections in LakeYellowstone National Park Lamar ValleyYellowstone National Park Mountains ForestTrail Ride near Roosevelt in YellowstoneGeyser Basin by Old Faithful

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