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Yellowstone National Park is full of geysers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, trees, rivers, and Old Faithful. It's a photographer's wonderland.
Gushing WaterfallGeyser EruptingOld Faithfull Billows at DuskOld Faithful at SunsetOld Faithfull at Dusk Yellowstone National ParkOld Glory over Yellowstone National ParkGeyser Basin by Old FaithfulSnowy MountainsMountain DimensionsYellowstone WaterfallWaterfalls YellowstoneTurtle Boulder YellowstoneYellowstone National Park Lamar ValleyTrail Ride near Roosevelt in YellowstoneMammoth ThunderheadMammoth Hot Springs ColorsBright Mammoth Hot SpringsMammoth Hot Springs YellowstoneBeaver Pond Trail BridgeYellowstone National Park Mountain Pines

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